Reading How to Measure Anything, interlude 2

(Summary in Finnish: Lukupiiri on päättynyt jo jokin aika sitten! Puhtaaksikirjoitetut oppimispäiväkirjamerkinnät ovat olleet tauolla ja palaavat joskus, toivottavasti pian.)

Context: This is a quick interlude note in a series of learning diary notes, where I track my thoughts, comments, and (hopefully) learning process while reading How to Measure Anything by D. W. Hubbard together with some friends in a book club setting. Previous parts in the series: vol.0, vol.1., vol. 2, interlude 1. All installments in the series can be identified by tag “Measure Anything” series on this blog.

Interim report

Howdy! This interlude note serves as a brief status report concerning the learning diary entries for How to Measure Anything. Until the rest of the entries are online, this post also explains why there are no (yet) further installments.

As everyone of three or so of you who were determined to push through to the end of the How to Measure book already knows, the book club concluded some two months ago. I have bunch of notes and blog post skeletons from the book club meetings, but after the first couple of posts, I developed a syndrome characterized by debilitating symptom of “I want to write these blog notes in good English” and consequently updates are quite sluggish because (I now try to proof-read and copyedit the posts for bad grammar). Also, I managed to get full-time employment, so I suddenly have much less free time and energy for hobby activities (especially those that resemble real work).

The fact that I also bought Europa Universalis IV from Steam sale have nothing to do with me having less hours for blog-writing, no whatsoever (a lie).