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I am an applied mathematician currently located in Turku, Finland. This is my personal homepage.

Who am I? The set of links below will hopefully tell something:

This site also contains a blog, which covers (will cover) several topics both serious and not-so-serious, whose only connecting theme is that I find them worth blogging about.

As of 2021-01-22, this site is live but also still under construction (some content are missing).

Recent blog activity:

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How to export your GoodReads data as CSV

Summary in Finnish: Amazonin lukupäiväkirja-arkiston käyttäjä esittää kuva-arvoituksen varmuuskopiointia varten. Introductory musings It is a curious time to come back to blogging! People (re-)launch blogs here and there, except they are being luddites about it: they are turning back to old tried and tested technology solutions, that is, running email newsletters (to great surprise of …

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