This page now contains a list of my creations. See here for an archive of worthy things on internet I have thought worth collecting.

My academic creations

My other writings, internet presence and hobbies

The contact page above lists some social media channels. In addition to that, I am active with my own name also elsewhere:

  • Check out the old blog archived under the kapsi domain:
    • I was quite active at bloggin 2016-2018.
    • I am proud of the tag system, because I believe it is useful. Unfortunately eventually it became nightmare to manage because of ill-thought hacks I sued to bootstrap it.
  • My Metaculus profile:
    • Metaculus is an internet platform where users compete making probabilistic predictions (forecasts) about various questions for glory and internet points. It is an excellent hobby for numerically minded folk. See also their FAQ.
    • For wider context, Philip Tetlock has researched the accuracy and and talked about usefulness of making careful, quantified and benchmarked forecasts. I recommend his book Superforecasting (GoodReads, Wikipedia). If you are not into books, here is a discussion with Tetlock on Edge (2012, with Daniel Kahneman, video + transcript) and discussion on J. Horgan’s blog at Scientific American (2015, transcript).

This page is actively updated, previous change on 2021-03-10 (moved some items to Things on the internet page).