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About me

I have worked in an ever-evolving intersection of mathematics, statistics, and programming since my first summer job. My current employer calls me a biostatistician, but in a previous life I have been a programmer and applied mathematician.

Work history keywords in decreasing order of relevance: biostatistics, proportionals hazards, computational statistics, machine learning, data science; applied inverse problems, also AI. (Especially last two are a bit outdated. Also see Zachary Lipton’s essay on the usage of word AI.)

My other interests include but are not limited to: science fiction (lifelong Ray Bradbury fan), history, society, tabletop RPGs, and comics. This personal website collects all kinds of interests of mine.

Brief professional history:

  • 2011-2012: Yliopilastutkinto, Lyseonpuiston lukio. Some studies in political history (University of Turku).
  • 2016: B.Sc., University of Helsinki. Major: Mathematics. Minor: Computer Science. (Finnish: luonnontieteiden kandidaatti).
  • 2018: M.Sc., University of Helsinki. Major: Applied mathematics. Minor: Statistics. (Finnish: Filosofian maisteri).
  • 2018-2020: Project researcher and graduate studies at University of Turku (Turku Data Science Group).
  • 2021-current: IQVIA.

Full CV here. CV updated: 2020-05-18

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